Hello world!

For a very long time I’ve blogged about my regular daily life at another blog, but here I’m planning on writing about my life with rheumatoid arthritis.  I want to write more freely about the joys and pains and doctor’s visits and thoughts that go through my head about this crazy life I lead while dealing with a chronic illness.

3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Welcome to the blogging world of RA. I used to blog about my “normal” life and then RA and FMS forced my worlds to collide. So now, I blog about how my condtitions affect my so-called “normal” life.

    • Hello Lana! I am excited about blogging my RA life. I feel like I’ve hid it for a long time and this is my “coming out” party. 🙂 When I first got RA, there was not a blog about it in sight and now there are so many, it seems. I look forward to reading all the other blogs out there, too.

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