He who rejects change is the architect of decay.  The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.

–Harold Wilson

My family frequently thinks I’m off my rocker.  They come home, look around, and find, not just a different look to the bedroom (or whatever), but to my whole outlook.  These things don’t always work out.  The changes don’t always stick (my bedroom has gone back and forth between two looks about twice a year every year for the last seven), but I can’t bear to be stuck in a rut, can’t bear to leave things alone when they could be so much better if we just tried something new.

In the past few months, I’ve noticed that regardless of my spending less time on the computer, I still was having this problem with one of my shoulders and my legs were always falling asleep after just a few minutes of sitting down at my computer desk.  I tried swapping chairs, but this only changed the amount of time it took until my legs fell asleep and did nothing for my shoulder.  I tried moving  the monitor up a little or down a little, but I still leaned my head on my left hand while I read stuff online.

Then there came the deluge of other people on my various friends lists and blogs that were starting to talk about RSI’s and CTS and spinal x-rays.  Nearly every one has found out that they just plain don’t need to be sitting in front of their computers all day long.  Unfortunately, most of them don’t have a choice in that or in changing their desk situations.

I, however, do.  So today I looked at my setup, read up a few places on how it could be more ergonomically better or better suited to my not gaining weight just sitting there, and I changed it in a few easy steps.  1) Turned my CD rack on its side so it could hold my monitor in the air (it did so in just the perfect place) 2) piled up my printer stand & my in/out box & a leftover shelf from the kids bookshelf to hold my keyboard & mouse (again, weirdly perfect) and 3) told myself that I could do anything I liked while standing there looking at stuff (run in place? dance a jig? walk? shift from foot to foot?)

Computer set up with CPU on floor, keyboard & mouse on top of printer stand & in/out tray & shelf, monitor on cd rack (turned on end) and bookshelves behind it all

My new computer desk set up

I’ve been here about an hour now.  It’s oddly freeing.  I’m not tripping over the cables trying to get into my chair.  My legs haven’t gone to sleep once.  My shoulders feel awesome and my neck doesn’t hurt either (I hadn’t realized it had been until it wasn’t).  I can quite easily just turn around and do crazy motions to Dora or shimmy with The Fresh Beat Band whenever called upon to do so.

I’ll give you and update in a few days on how it’s going, promise.  🙂