It’s Wednesday, so naturally I flare

Next week there can’t be any crisis. My schedule is already full.

-Henry Kissinger

I don’t know about you, but I categorize events in my life this way: Important, Necessary, I’d like to go, and Enh.  Each has a few things permanently attached to it, but some things waver back and forth between categories.

Important includes things like our PTA Open House this week.  PTA stuff usually falls into the category of Necessary, but this event is the big opening of our new school.  Important also covers Family Dinners (with my in-laws) and certain doctor appointments (neurologist, rheumatologist).

Necessary covers things like our two monthly MOPS meetings and regular kid check-ups and weekly church.

I’d Like to Go is the stuff that usually falls by the wayside, sadly.  It’s the coffees, playdates, Ladies Club, trips to the gourmet food store, parties, etc. that I put on the calendar hopefully, but then have to cancel because I’m exhausted or in pain or have succumbed to yet another sinus infection.

Enh, of course, is that stuff that I don’t really want to do, don’t really need to do, but someone somewhere asked me and it’s important to them, so I’ll do it.  I generally end up doing these things rather than the I’d Like to Go things, somehow, usually because I’m propelled by the momentum of wanting to make someone else happy.

So this morning is MOPS and I’m in charge of hospitality, which involves setting things up, making things pretty, doing some MC’ing, and then tearing it all down again.  That is why MOPS falls in the Necessary category for this year.  I’ve missed the last two meetings due to various illnesses and today is my hospitality co-person to be sick, so of course I’ve flared and can barely walk.  Of course.  But I’m going and will sit and direct people, if necessary, perched on  a stool in the front of the room.  Woo hoo.