Making things work

‘Creativity, as has been said, consists largely of rearranging what we know in order to find out what we do not know. Hence, to think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.’
— George Kneller

I spend an absurd amount of time each week trying to make things work for me.  I didn’t realize that until I started this blog.  I’m one of those people that likes small amounts of change (the kind that I can control), so I guess it didn’t really seem so much like me fixing things as much as it seemed like I was having fun switching things around.

This week I’m working on making laundry easier. Step one: my husband poured detergent into a smaller bottle for me from the giant warehouse bottle.  Two: I pulled the top all the way off the fabric softener box so I didn’t have to open & close it all the time.

Three: I found four casters that were supposed to be attached to a movable file cart and am installing them onto my hamper so I don’t have to pick it up all the time & can instead just slide it across the house (which I had been doing, but it doesn’t slide well enough on its own).

Four: I found a video online that shows how you can fold a shirt one-handed, which works pretty well as long as you don’t mind a messy fold (I would, but have realized that the kids carry stuff willy-nilly places, so things end up messy regardless).  I’m happy with it, though, as it saves my elbows some pain.

Step five is  figuring out what to do with my closet.  When we moved in to this house, the closet was just this big empty space with one bar going all the way across.  No shoe rack, no shelving, just that bar and the 12,000 screws they used to keep it up (honestly, it was so badly done that maybe we should have considered it a deal breaker).  Anyway, we put in a closet organizing system with upper & lower racks on one side, one upper rack & a lower shoe rack on the other, as well as some shelving in the middle.  Here’s the problem: I can’t reach the upper racks any more.  Sure, I could drag in a step stool and stand on that, but as we all know: I am accident prone.  So I’m going to have to buy lots more skirt hangers & move those down with my shirts.  I’m moving Nick’s pants hangers out towards the front where I can reach them better (they’re top rack, but the front half is so much easier to reach).  Since I only wear dresses on Sabbath (when Nick is home to help), they can stay there.  🙂

Six involves more money as well, since I want to try to implement something I saw on someone else’s blog.  (Unfortunately I don’t remember where or else I’d link to it) That mom has a separate laundry basket for each of her kids and a closet that she puts it all into.  She sorts directly from the dryer into these baskets and as part of each child’s chore list, they go get their laundry each day & hang & fold it all themselves.  I was thinking of getting smaller baskets than she did and maybe having Nick install some shelves in the laundry room to accommodate them (although I could do it, but then he wouldn’t get to use his saw). I know Greg is still too small to do that all himself (and Ben can’t really reach his hanging area yet either), but if they each just did their own folding & putting away that would save me a lot of time and energy.