Confessions of a Birthday Girl

I have some confessions to make, as it is my birthday and I get to say or do anything I want today and no one can stop me!  Bwahahah.

1. Apparently, although no one told me, I was supposed to stop taking my RA meds while taking antibiotics, so the last 3 or 4 sinus infections I’ve had were actually just one big long one that never ended.  Which makes so much sense.

2.  Another thing no one told me until this week, apparently once you get RA your PCP is no longer really your PCP, your rheumatologist is.  Did you know that?  I did not.  The nurse at my rheumy’s office told me that on Monday, after telling me #1 as well.

3.  Did you know that I’m ill?  Ok, ok.  I know I have RA, several kinds of migraines, either dysthymia or cyclothymia (depends on which doctor you ask), and allergies, but I’ve never really considered myself “ill” or “sick.”  Is that weird?  The people at my doctor’s office think so.  “Sick people like you do not need to be at the gym.  You need to rest this week until your next appointment.”  REST.  Hmm.

4.  I do not like to rest.  I think it sounds like a nice plan on a busy day, but once I do clear my schedule and get down to the actual bit where I’m sitting on the couch or the bed, I think “What next?” and then start fidgeting and thinking of things I need to urgently do somewhere in the next room, maybe, or out in the yard.

5.  I have four kinds of cake in my kitchen.  Or did have earlier today.  We may be down to three now.  1. half a homemade chocolate with chocolate frosting.  2. half a homemade chocolate cake with coconut pecan frosting. (I made those two.  one half for eldest son’s birthday, the other for mine) 3. Store bought chocolate mini-cake.  4.  Various kinds of super delicious, made just for me by a friend that loves me Cake Balls.

We also have mini cinnamon rolls and various kinds of mini muffins and three kinds of ice cream (all of which are leftovers from other things, but still, they are there).

6. There is no number 6.

7. I may have eaten some of all of that because it’s my birthday.  Well, the cakes anyway.  Not the ice cream.  I discovered this year that I don’t really like ice cream.  All that coldness in one place must surely be bad for you (it couldn’t possibly be all that cream and sugar that’s bad).

8.  I really miss going to the gym.  Never thought I would ever say that, but there it is.  I miss the gym.  I like doing the elliptical the best, but the weight machines are nice, too.  I like the after pain of working out because it is so different from the regular joint pain.  That’s probably weird too, but I think that all this chronic pain makes you just a little bit crazy.

9. I love birthdays.  Our family has three this week and most of my friends from college have birthdays this week as well.  It’s fun seeing what everyone’s up to, even as far flung as we all are.  Nice to know everyone else is eating too much cake, as well.

10.  Tomorrow I will try very hard not to have cake for breakfast.  I might have a banana nut muffin though.  The person that made them said that they are made without butter or oil and have flax seed in them.  That sounds healthy, right?  I could have a few of those.  They are teeny-tiny.

Hope everyone else had a fabulous day!  🙂