Happy Mother’s Day

This is what my day has included so far: 

(some cell phone photos are not great quality, sorry!)

Some of my cards & gifts (the ones that aren’t in the car) 

Mmm…Nutella, Strawberry, & Banana Crepes

Me and my smallest boys

My husband and our biggest boy

Me, on the couch with a guilty pleasure

The boys all outside gardening & clearing the yard of hickory prickle-balls.  Such a nice day.


After my book was done, I spent the day organizing in a new-to-me (stolen from my kids room) bookshelf to accommodate all those borrowed books & movies & overflow from the living room (not done yet, but it’s still early days).

I traded my hope chest for the bookshelf (it has a safety catch lid, so it won’t hurt the kids, but we’re storing toys in there that they never play with anyway – the toys on top won’t stay there, but I was vacuuming in there when it occured to me to take a picture.  And yes, that room is quite crowded.  It’s time to purge some stuff, but we’re waiting for the summer for that).

It’s been a great day!  The kids have wandered in, one at a time all day long, coming in for hugs and love and well wishes.  So very cute!  My husband is cooking me a fabulous dinner tonight, too!  What a special day I’ve had!

Hope all of you are having a fabulous Mother’s Day as well.  🙂


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