Food diary, day one

You already saw what I ate for breakfast earlier, so here’s the rest of the day:

p_00004 p_00003

Snack.  I started eating the crackers, had three, then decided they were much too salty, despite being the right caloric intake.  So I ate celery with homemade ranch dressing (which is made mostly with plain lowfat yogurt) and drank some Passionfruit, Jasmine, & Orange Green Tea.

p_00072 (3) Lunch was leftovers as well: Zucchini with corn meal (not breaded, exactly, just tossed with), brown rice pilaf (rice, spices, chicken stock), and my husband’s version of chicken salad (chicken, plain yogurt, celery) with water to drink.

p_00073 (4)

Another snack (my kids have two a day, so I do as well): carrot sticks & the aforementioned ranch with iced Lemongrass green tea.

p_00075 (3)

Monday night is Scout night, so it’s easy-to-fix dinner night: 100% white meat chicken breast nuggets, green beans, instant mashed potatoes mixed with the other half of that ranch seasoning packet and yet more water.

Things that didn’t get pictured: one tiny chunk of mancheego cheese that Nick had me finish and one small red lollipop that I ate to be polite and one adult beverage because it’s my last night before methotextrate starts back tomorrow.

Another quick note: I didn’t talk to my husband about all this “trying to eat healthy” again thing, so our available leftovers & dinner menu for this week do not reflect the new plan yet.  I’m trying to make the best choices based on what’s around, which is generally pretty healthy food.  (Even the chicken nuggets: as healthy as we can purchase pre-made convenience food.  We’re label checkers and this is as good as it gets.  The mashed potatoes actually never get eaten.  They are gross.  I’m tossing that box tomorrow.)