Food Diary, Day Two

It’s only Day Two and I’m already admitting failure: lunch was grazing across two outings.



Husband-made Belgium waffle with local honey on top and some strawberries & pineapple with English Breakfast Tea to drink


At the PTA Volunteer Tea Party: one sugar cookie (medium), one lemon mini-cupcake, one small chunk of watermelon, and a teacup of raspberry iced tea

p_00004 (2)

At the MDO End-of-Year party: toddler sized portions of teeny-tiny chunks of cheese, cheetos, one chocolate chip cookie (small), & a juicy juice grape juice box (no hot dog for me!)

DSCN7411 (2)

Snack :


(the thing I packed as my lunch, but forgot to eat)



Cheesy grits, Chicken with Italian sauce, and Broccoli (all husband made, of course) with water to drink.