Food Diary: Day 3




The remainder of 3 kids bowls of off-brand Honey Nut Cheerios.  Yes, that made up an entire bowl.  They started pouring cereal into bowls 3 minutes before it was time to go to school (while I was changing clothes).  This mornings tea: Bigelow’s Cinnamon Apple (in my new Volunteers Make a Better World mug)





One Lime Zinger cookie with the boychild.  Also a mug of GoodEarth’s Lemongrass green tea.  Yes, I drink a lot of tea. :)  He had chocolate milk and told me that I needed to tell you all that.





We spent 25 minutes waiting at the pharmacy counter in the grocery store while the pharmacists all stared at the computer screen, scratching their heads, wondering why all my prescriptions were canceled.  That made us late getting out of the store, which meant there was no time to make the sandwiches that we were in there buying bread for before heading up to the kids school to have lunch with the middle child.  So smallest boy got a lunchable (ew) and I got a deli salad (which proclaimed: NOW ONLY 230 CALORIES.  My nearly emtpy tummy and I agree: very low on calories.)  Also ate the middle child’s apple, since he was about to throw it in the trash.  Silly, silly boy.  Drank water out of my giant MOPS water bottle.




For dinner, I had a meeting with the other MOPS coordinators in my area (technically I’m not one, but I’m the behind-the-scenes-silent-partner) at McAlister’s Deli.  Had a french dip sandwich and some salad.  Sweet tea to drink.  Mmm.  Sweet tea.  Theirs is the best.  :)  Had half of an oatmeal cookie for desert.