Our “official” start of summer

Last week I followed y’all’s advice, gave in, and let my husband help me take the kids down to Houston for their summer camp.  Such a wise decision.  We made it down and back safely and I got to “rest” in the passenger seat the whole way.

The rest of the week was full of cub scout day camp fun.  It was my middle son’s first year at camp, which meant that he was required to have an adult chaperon with him all week – that would be me.  I went up the first day and after standing around waiting for 30 minutes, realized that a) our den leader (for camp) had failed to call any of us, not just our family, and b) our den leader was one of the seven who called the camp director the day before and said they weren’t coming.  Being the logical sort, I told them that since I was already there all week and would be following this little group around, I may as well be their den leader.  So I did.  Camp lasts from 8:30am until 2:30pm every day for five days.  It’s outdoor.  I live in Texas – that means highs in the high 90’s, low-100’s.  Fortunately God had a plan for me: two and a half days of rain.  We got 10 inches over a 36 hour period.  It was fabulous, actually.  We were either in the gym complex or in a parking garage for 1.5 days (the other day was kind of a run-and-find-cover kind of day, as the rain came and went).  The rest of the time, well, I had a mister/fan bottle, a cooling neckerchief that the mother of one of the kids brought me after I got heat stroke the first day, and a folding camp chair that I used one of our older kid helpers to tote around for me. I tried to stay in the shade and just let the other adult helpers do the really vigorous labor while I kept up with the paperwork & looked after the kids in Time Out (we had two that could not stop fighting – they spent vast amounts of time sitting beside me while their friends did archery or BB gun skills).  It turned out to be a great week and I met some fabulous parents from other packs.

We’d arranged for my eldest kid to catch a ride home from camp from another church parent, which went well.  He loved his camp, too.  He got to do lots of stuff that my little heart wouldn’t have been able to handle seeing him do (canoeing all alone & being 100 feet up on the zip line with nothing between him and the ground but a rope – have I mentioned that I’m a bit of a worrier?).  He came back without a voice, but with a renewed respectful & helpful attitude that has lasted several days already.

Anyway, we’re considering tomorrow the real start of our summer.  We have nothing big planned for the rest of it, barring one small trip to see my best friend and another to see my sister and one where just me, myself goes to Florida for a women’s leadership convention.  I’m really excited about all that empty, free time ahead of us.  Sure, we’ve got a swimming membership and a science place membership and a zoo membership, but we can do any of those things ANY TIME WE WANT and not on a schedule.  I’m so looking forward to a nice, calm summer.  🙂


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  1. Ah, glad that you had such a good week — it sounds like it was pretty busy out there, with kids, storms and high temps anyway, but sometimes that sort of busy-ness is just right. I hope the rest of your summer goes just the way you want it to!

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