And now for a new drug!

About a week ago I went in for my rheumatologist appointment.  I walked in to a mostly full office, which was not too surprising, I guess, but I usually go early mornings when it’s empty.  By the time they called me back (the second time; the first time we arrived and found the room still occupied), the waiting room was full to capacity and even had some little ones in grandparent laps.

Anyway, I got back to the room and was told by the nurse that they had triple overbooked the day and I was seeing the PA instead of the doctor, yet again.  He came in and I explained quietly and carefully just what my primary care physician had told me about my recurring sinus infections: “I’m tired of seeing you in here.  If you don’t talk to your rheumatologist about changing medications, I will do it for you.”

So we talked about what I’d been on in the past (nsaids, sulfasalazine, plaquenil, methotrexate, enbrel, celebrex, simponi) and what had worked for me (none but the enbrel, really) and why I’d stopped the one drug that worked (it stopped working).  We talked about my ever-present fear of needles, looked at the really fancy ones supplied by cimzia (ergonomically correct and yet scarier than a regular needle somehow), and decided that I would be more comfortable trying something that works similarly, but slightly different than enbrel.  So next week I’m starting on Humira.  I’m going to try it first without the methotrexate and if that’s not good enough, then add the mtx back into the mix (because I really dislike mtx.  Nauseated all the time.).

No one ever asked how the physical therapy went, so I didn’t volunteer that information. *shrug*

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  1. Good luck with the Humira. I see that mentioned a lot on many RA blogs, and a lot of people seem to have pretty good luck with it. Hope it works for you!

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