Humira update

I had another appointment with the PA at the rheumatologists office last week.  I walked in, waited just long enough to pull out my book, then got called back immediately.  The PA saw me just a few minutes later.  It was back to what I was used to, appointment-time-wise.  (School is back in session, I could go in during the early morning.  Whee!)  🙂

Anyway, I talked to the PA about how the Humira isn’t working yet, but it’s only been about 4 weeks, so I’m being patient.  I had been feeling pretty decent up to that point, just the regular amount of pain & swelling, but nothing flare-leveled, so being patient was not that hard.  He was concerned (although I still don’t see why: he told me himself that it could take up to 6 months for it to function properly) and talked to me about adding methotrexate back in, since Humira works best in conjunction with it.  I was hesitant about that, since I haven’t had another sinus infection since I stopped it a couple months ago, but agreed to start it once again if the Humira didn’t kick in by the next shot.  So that’s what I’ll do.  I follow up with him in a couple months.

About two days after my appointment I started flaring.  I didn’t recognize it at first.  I thought maybe it was the chair I was sitting in that was making my shoulder hurt.  And maybe that I was standing up too much and that was why my knees were hurting so bad.  That I was using the computer more, which was causing the finger and wrist pain.  A couple of days later my husband pointed out that I don’t use that chair unless my knees are already hurting, that I was using the computer less because I wasn’t checking email as often, & that I was, in fact, flaring.  Oh, and also you are experiencing that brain fog that leaves you unable to recognize the whole pattern.  Yay RA!

So now the flare is gone again, I’m back to having another head cold, crossing my fingers that this one doesn’t have a sinus infection attached, and postponing my Humira shot & methotrexate until after the cold goes away.

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