Not quite nothing new

Not a whole lot has been going on.  I put on hold the idea of starting an autoimmune group in my area (which already has a church-related one the next town over, it turns out), mostly because the others that were interested in it could not meet during the day and I no longer feel comfortable driving much at night.  (You have no idea how hard it was to type that sentence.  So very hard to admit.)  There were only a few interested in it in any case and I’ve been sick, sick, sick all this time, so I couldn’t have done much even if I’d felt inspired.  Which I haven’t.  I’ve been cranky and sick and not interested in anything at all, even reading, really.

We’ve had a ridiculously busy month.  The big kids started piano lessons, which they love, and I’ve been noodling along with them (their songs are all one handed right now, with little bits at the bottom for the teacher to play along with them.  All flats, natually.  Took a while for my brain to wrap around that.)  The last week in October we had something going on literally every single day.  Outings, school stuff, scout stuff, game nights, etc. I love my kids, but am so very tired.


My middle child turns 7 next week and I go back to the rheumatologist that same day.  I haven’t had my Humira in ages due to The Sick and I need to talk to him about that.  Hoping that day turns out really great for all of us.  🙂

One thought on “Not quite nothing new

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been sick and unable to take your medicine. That makes everything worse.

    About the kids and running all over the place for activities – I agree, it’s exhausting.

    Looking forward to good news from your rheumy

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