Arava update #2

Well it’s been a month since I started the Arava so I thought I’d do a little update here about it.  To be honest, I’ve been having quite a flare, which I hadn’t had at all during my time away from meds, so I’ve been feeling awful.  The Arava is doing little-to-nothing for me and the Naprelen is only taking the barest edge of the pain off me.  I’ve been adding extra Tylenol & Ibuprofen in round the clock and still am spending several to many hours a day in a chair with my heating pad.  It is painful and frustrating and I hate it.


Next Tuesday I go in to see my rheumatologist again to see how I’m doing.  In the meantime I’m going back on the prednisone so I can function again.

2 thoughts on “Arava update #2

  1. 😦 I’m sorry to hear that the new treatment didn’t work.

    Naprelan – isn’t that an NSAID? You might want to check with your pharmacist on whether it’s okay to take ibu at the same time.

    I hope your appointment Tuesday goes well and that you find a more effective treatment plan. Hang in there!

    • Thanks WarmSocks!

      Naprelan is an NSAID (naproxen, actually), but during my last appointment my rheum. said that if it wasn’t helping enough I could add in either Tylenol or Ibuprofen at any point (but not both at once). I tried doubling up on the Naprelan first (that was the recommendation), but it makes me so.very.hyper! I’m one of those 1 in 10,000 people that have that reaction, apparently. It’s nice in small doses of hyperactivity, but it wreaks havoc on the sleep schedule.

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