Blood pressure, a week later

I started taking my blood pressure meds just shy of a week ago, but I’m already seeing some improvements.  For one thing: I know now what that pounding head/throbbing fingers thing that I get sometimes is my blood pressure getting too high.  Knowing that, now instead of freaking out, I can sit quietly and do some calming things (years ago someone gave me a book of 10 & 20 minute meditation retreats).   For another, some of the swelling that I had in my feet that the rheumatologist always said didn’t really look like it’d be RA related has gone down, so all my floppier shoes are too floppy to wear now unless I wear socks.  And my numbers are quietly sliding back down the scale.


The bad side of things is really quite a small list: I’m having a bit of cognitive trouble (words, words, where are they and what order do they go in?), it’s really easy to pinch off blood flow to my fingers when carry too many bags, and I had one day where I was pretty much too exhausted to move.  But only one.  And I really should have my kids carry in more stuff from the car.  The word thing, well, that sucks and I can only hope it’ll get better.  I’ve bought a book of word games to do to try to help with that.


So all in all, a positive experience.  🙂