Mini update

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear”

-Mark Twain

I just wanted y’all to know that I got the courage up to look at the MS symptom list.  First I made my own list of the weird symptoms I’d been having, including little things that I wasn’t sure if they were true symptoms or just my own weirdness.  Then I went to the Mayo Clinic website (I always start with them, as their info seems best), then to the government website, and lastly to’s MS section.  I cross-referenced my symptoms to the official lists, added a couple things I hadn’t thought of, subtracted a couple things that were more likely RA symptoms (I checked those lists as well because while I’ve had RA a while, sometimes I forgot what’s “officially” symptoms of that and what’s side effects of the drugs) or side effects.

I’ve managed to make it through the week so far with minimal issues.  A few bouts of numbness or tingling here or there, a bad bout of confusion one day when everything in the universe seemed to happen at once, but nothing like the big badness that happened a couple weeks ago.  I only have this weekend to get through before my brain MRI on Tuesday.  My parents are coming up & my dad will take the kids to school while my mom takes me up & back for the MRI.  I’ll do another update when I get through that.