Summer is nearly over…why am I so tired?

Oh yeah, because I’ve had 3 sinus infections this summer and no RA meds (other than NSAIDS) at all to speak of.  I’m getting a CT scan of my sinuses next Monday, as my PCP thinks I’ve crossed over from an acute to a chronic sinus issue.  From there I’ll probably go on to see the ENT and talk about sinus surgery.  I’m not at all interested in surgery, but I am interested in getting better and getting back to healthy again, so I guess it has to be considered.  Before you ask, yes, I’ve tried saline spray, sinus rinses, allergy meds both at night and during the day, decluttering my house so there’s less to dust, etc.  I don’t have carpet in my most of my house, nor do I have pets.  I feel like we’re at the bottom of the option barrel.


Which brings us to the RA update.  Since I’ve been having all these infections and I have to stop my meds for the infections each time, the rheumatologist and I decided that I’d just go on a little hiatus from appointments until all this sinus stuff gets taken care of.  I have a schedule of pain relievers and a physical therapy plan to follow at home and a bunch of steroids I can take if it all gets too bad (that is if the ENT will let me take them).  I’m scheduled to go back to the rheumatologist again in January.


Now for the neurology update (because I’m full of fun that way): one of the test results got mislaid or misfiled or something.  One test came back completely normal.  The neurologist thinks my brain chemistry has changed again, leaving me with new and different migraines.  I have a schedule of supplements to follow and new lifestyle changes to make: more sleep, no caffeine, no alcohol, stress reduction techniques to learn, & another headache diary to fill.  I’m scheduled to see the neurologist in January as well.


All that aside, we’ve had a pretty good summer.  The kids have been to three kinds of camp: scouts, art, & church.  We’ve gone camping and done our own fireworks show and gone to LegoLand.  We visited my parents for a week so I got to hang out with my best friend and see our other good friends baby again.  I’ve done all the obligatory resting that all of that activity implies so I’ve been reading lot.  I love reading on the Kindle; it has made reading more enjoyable since it really cuts down on my hand pain.  🙂  I’m thinking I’ll get the kids a Nook later in the year so they can do kids books on theirs.  🙂


And that is all the updates I can think of for now.  Hope y’all are having a good summer! 🙂