New season, new aches?

As the season has been turning cooler, I’ve noticed new aches and pains that weren’t around in the summer months.  I’ve started carrying my seat-back-cushion into places that I’ll be sitting for long periods of time (anything over half an hour really).  I’ve noticed that the one I use around the house, which I got over the summer (at the dollar store, of all places) and was tremendously nice then, isn’t as nice now that it is cooler out because it has vents that let cool air through.  The one I use in the car is more like a fitted pillow and now that it’s cooler out I’ve been noticing how nice and warming it feels when I lean against it.  That’s the one I take in places anyways.  I was worried when I first started doing it that people would look at me funny or make comments, but the only thing that’s happened is that the pastor’s wife is now bringing in her own back support and a stool for her feet (genius!  I’m bringing mine next time!).  I haven’t yet asked what’s going on with her, but I know she has some kind of pain condition and I’d like to reach out to her, but I’m not sure how much reaching out to do, exactly (this is our new pastor & wife; we don’t know them well yet).

I’ve also noticed issues sitting at the piano.  It’s not just my fingers, wrists, and hands that hurt.  It’s also my shoulders, spine, hips, and even my feet.  Oddly it leaves my knees alone.  I’ll take that bit of goodness!  🙂  The funny thing, to me at least, is that I remember this pain.  I remember it as part of my burn-out process.  It just started hurting so much to sit there and play.  But I’m not giving up this time.  I know now that the pain isn’t just going to go away on it’s own, that it is as much a part of the process of everything that I do, and that I can’ t let it take the joy away with it.  So I’m practicing more often in shorter shifts and that seems to help.  Plus it fits in great with my schedule!  Oh look, I have 10 minutes before we have to go, I can practice!  🙂  Also, my fabulous husband got me a heated back massager, the kind that straps into a chair and does rolling & shiatsu style massages.  It has been a thing of wonderment.  It works best in a plain wooden chair, but I’ve given up on that plan, as I don’t have one to spare and it’s not easy to move around.  So it sits in my bedroom reading chair for now just waiting for the next time I need it (which some days is 3x a day and sometimes only once).  It is so very lovely.

In other news, I wore sandals yesterday after the cold front went through and woke up to my feet feeling like there were shards of glass in them before I even got out of bed this morning.  So I finally dug out all my cold weather shoes.  I also have been stocking up on comfy house socks, since I have a general dislike of shoes, but my feet get too cold in the winter without them.  I have blue polka dotted ones and white-purple-pink polka dotted ones and once I fix the one sock, I also have black ones with little dangling cherries.  I’ve also had a kid (guess which one!) volunteer to do my toe nail polish for me, since that seems to be harder than usual lately.

Well that’s about it for today.  I hope that all those writing prompts my brain came up with yesterday come back to me today so I can write them down.  🙂

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2 thoughts on “New season, new aches?

  1. I think the back cushion is a stellar idea. It just makes me want to make one (or find one) that I can strap to the outside of my purse and thereby keep with me at all times.

    There are just so many uncomfortable places you wind up sitting!

    I also came to the realization that I cannot live without socks. I’ve decided that socks and hot tea are the bridge to happiness.

    • I wish my purse could be the cushion, but it’s too lumpy; I tried it out once. I agree that socks and hot tea are very important to my happiness. And good music. *nods*

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