Have y’all heard about the International Autoimmune Arthritis Movement yet?

Their slogan is:

“I Am…


A Leader for Change,




A Believer in Progress,


And Rebranding Stereotypes.



I Am an Advocate for Autoimmune Arthritis.”


I saw that an immediately thought “These are MY people.” So I’ve joined up as a volunteer.  There’s a three month course to become a volunteer, all online of course, and the first course packet came out today.  I’ve downloaded it, perused the coursework and an ready to plunge in this evening while the big kids are at Scouts.  🙂  Forgive me please for a short blog today.  I’ve been doing a bunch of behind the scenes blog stuff trying to set this all in motion so it can go smoothly.  🙂



4 thoughts on “IAAM

    • Thanks Wren! I figured out that when I’m busier, I get more done, so it made sense to use my time wisely with the kinds of things I’m interested in. This fit lots of things all at once. I’m happy to be working to help others find the information they need. 🙂

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