happy day

I’m forgoing the prompt from wego today.  It’s my middle son’s 8th birthday today.  I love him so much!  We had special cranberry orange muffins (from a package, not homemade, that was part of the request) for breakfast and played Quirkle (his new favorite game).  I will be bringing his class homemade white cupcakes with colored frosting & mini m&m’s on top after lunch.  After school I’d planned on having one of his friends over for a while (but haven’t heard back from the mom yet).  Then we’ll have pizza for dinner and his present from grandma after.


This sweet, sweet boy has never known a mom without RA.  I’ve not been able to do all the active things with him that I’ve wanted to.  Sometimes he’s had to forgo fun things because I just can’t do them.  He’s such a good boy, though.  I’m very super extra blessed to have him (and his brothers, of course) in my life.