My personal brand

(I’m experiencing computer issues today, so this is necessarily short, as I’m typing from an iPhone.)

Yesterday’s prompt was about my personal brand. “As a Health Activist, you are a front-facing leader. What do you imagine you look like to your readers? What qualities do you possess. It’s ok to toot your own horn today – you have full permission to indulge. And don’t hold back.”

I don’t really have a personal brand, not as I understand it. There’s not a picture or a catch phrase that goes with me and my life. I’m not out there and flashy.  I guess if anything, you could say that I am truthful, trying to keep optimistic despite difficulties, and am committed to living as fully normal a life as I can.   That’s all I can think of, really.  Maybe I’ll get better at this sort of thing as I go.


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One thought on “My personal brand

  1. I disagree. I think you do have a personal brand, and it would be, “Documentation and diligence.”

    You keep unbelievably great documentation of all your health history, and you practice due diligence by following up on doctor’s recommendations and appointments and medicines, etc.

    You put more effort into good health for you and your family than anyone I know!

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