Let it be…

Today’s prompt instructs me to talk about something that bothers me a lot, in the hopes that getting it all out there will help me to get past it.  I’ve been sitting here and thinking and thinking and thinking and I just can’t come up with anything, really.  I mean, yes, there are things that bother me.  Lots and lots of small things, the kind that make very little difference in the long run, but there’s nothing big to talk about here.  Unless you want me to talk about the insanities of figuring out where to go for Thanksgiving each year…

I admit: I did write an entire post here ranting about Thanksgiving.  But you know what?  It got to be so convoluted that you’d have needed a couple charts to understand it and really, I’m all out of crazy this morning.  So let’s just say that I’ve had my cathartic experience, you all didn’t need to see it, and “let it be.”  🙂

2 thoughts on “Let it be…

  1. I want your entire post ranting about Thanksgiving. I like the irony. Ranting about giving thanks.

    Oh, wait, would that be the pot calling the kettle black, or what?

    Anyhow, good to know that families everywhere pull out all the stops when it comes to causing us stress to see them.

    So how come this Thanksgiving thing is still so prevalent when so many of us have ambivalent feelings toward it?

  2. Glad you got it all figured out 🙂

    Our solution, proposed when we were engaged and it’s worked great for us: Thanksgiving with one family; Christmas with the other. Next year, switch.

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