“I still remember”

Today’s post is supposed to start “I Still Remember” which actually just reminds me of a bad song in my piano chord book.  Apparently the guy wanted to use another song, couldn’t get the rights to it, and then wrote a similar song, which I think is titled “Try to Forget.”  I have no idea.  I’m rambling.  Apparently WEGO likes us to ramble. 


So what do I remember about November? 


Lots of random things:

1. A billion years ago yesterday (or three days from now, depending on how you count it) my husband proposed to me.  It was the day after Thanksgiving and we were sitting around my parents house.  My mom arranged for me and her to do some shopping (the only time in my memory that I have EVER been shopping on Black Friday) while my dad and Nick hung out at the house.  She is a pusher, my mom is.  She wanted him to propose to me, knew he had a ring (we’d picked it out a couple weeks previous), and wanted it done on her time table.  So we go shopping, come home, and my dad says “Congratulations!” and I have no idea what he’s talking about.  He explains that Nick had just asked his permission to marry me.  Nick, unsure of what to do because he loves planning things and this was not going to plan just stood there and said “Now?!”  So he went out and got the ring, came in and just stood there with his hands in his pockets.  Then he acted as if something fell out of the hole in his pocket (it happened frequently), and knelt down.  He came into an upright position and asked if I’d marry him.  I think I did some inarticulate squealing at that point, hugged him, and did not answer.  He was worried: “Does that mean ‘Yes?’”  Of course, of course.  Smile


2.  We’d picked out the ring on Friday the 13th.  Our college sci-fi group was having a Black Day at the mall (this was before gangs or the Columbine massacre).  We wandered the mall all wearing black and just had fun.  Somebody usually bought something at the stores we wandered and usually the jewelry stores were not gone into.  But I saw something and wanted to look at it closer (I’ve always loved jewelry), so Nick went in with me.  We found the perfect ring, if only it came with emeralds.  IT DID.  And so the ring was chosen.  (Sadly over the years the emeralds keep popping out when I do something too strenuous, so I’ve taken to taking the ring off when I’m doing stuff like cleaning the garage or digging in the dirt or washing dishes.)


3.  The Aggie vs. t.u.  game.  Yesterday was the last one for the foreseeable future.  While I’m not a huge football fan, that still does make me sad.  I used to work the concession stands for that game every year it was at A&M, be it for Band or French Club or something else.  It was such a fun game to work!  It did make for crazy Thanksgivings, though.


4.  Aggie Bonfire.  I went to Bonfire from the time I was a freshman in high school until the very last one burned on campus.  My freshman year in college I had a Bonfire Buddy and painted a pot and  went to Cut (I totally admit to being a useless sideline female there).  I was going to have to miss the 1999 Bonfire because we were doing Thanksgiving with Nick’s folks that year and we wouldn’t be in College Station and I was really sad about that.  I remember getting up the morning of the Collapse and getting a phone call from my mom to turn on the TV.  I sat watching in silence for hours as they dug students out of the wreckage.  I got online and started checking in with friends still at college to make sure everyone was accounted for.  All of my friends were fine, but several of them had other friends missing.  It was nerve-wracking and terrible and somehow worse for not being there.


5.  Now for something cheerful: These days the day after Thanksgiving if we’re in College Station we’ll go down to Santa’s Wonderland: A Texas Experience.  It’s got live music, boutique shopping, fun things for the kids to do, fake snow that comes pouring down from the tops of buildings, and of course, the drive-through twinkle light extravaganza.  It’s pretty awesome.  We haven’t been in a couple years, but maybe we’ll go while we’re down there for Christmas this year. Smile