Flare, flare, flare, flare, flare

Good morning!  I’m happy to report that after a couple weeks of not having hands up to the task of typing in the morning that this morning I can actually type.  Yay!  I’ve been having a flare up the last couple weeks, probably brought on by the stress of a) babysitting, b) trying to get ready for Christmas, and c) spending too much time on Pinterest (I love it, but it also stresses me out).

Another part of my problem is that I fell a couple weeks ago.  It was one of those things you’d see in a comedy where one foot slipped one way and I fell on my butt (hurting my left hip and right hand & wrist), then slipped again in the same water spot getting out of that position, (bending my right foot backwards) falling onto my right knee.  I was, naturally, babysitting at the time.  We’d just come back from the library and I had warmed the water for cocoa, taken it out of the microwave, and was walking over to the spoons when it happened.   The kids were delightful; they brought me towels and ice packs and marshmallows and then finished making cocoa on their own (which is amazing cause they’re only 4&5-year-olds).  I sat on the floor for about half an hour waiting for another adult to come home.  My husband was due back “any minute now” and the babysittee’s mom was due back very soon as well.  But neither of them was there and after a while the cold floor was making me feel so much worse.  So I told the kids to run off (so I wouldn’t fall on them), dragged a couple stools my way, and gingerly got up.  Used the tall stool as a crutch to get me to the comfy chair, where my phone was (the kids couldn’t find it, hence me not calling for help).  So I checked the phone and there were messages from both adults citing meetings as their cause for lateness.  The kids brought me the ice packs and towels again and we watched TV until my friend showed up.  She sat with me awhile, just chatting and keeping me company so I would rest (does everyone know I rush on the resting?!). She also, miraculously, had samples of BioFreeze in her car (her husband manages the local smoothie place & they get free samples of stuff).  So I tried that out (hated it, btw.  too cold feeling.)  Eventually I had to get up and finish my days plans, since it was the last day of the month and the car registration needed picking up – new tags do not come by mail, who knew? – we can’t have a ticket, no no.  I put on my ankle braces, my high topped shoes, my knee wrap, my wrist brace, and off I went.  Fortunately the line was super short and we sailed on back home, whereupon I did not leave the couch again the rest of the night.

The fall scared me to bits.  It was one of those things you don’t see coming and then you don’t think will have lasting consequences.  But I wasn’t able to play at my piano lesson that week; my hand wouldn’t reopen enough for arpeggios.  The piano teacher was all that was loveliness and we discussed my pain levels and treatment options.  I braced & limped my way through other activities, eventually going for the slow-but-no-limp option, as I was stressing the other side of my body by limping.  By my next piano lesson I still wasn’t playing well because my hand still hurt.  I’ve been doing hand exercises every morning in the shower and I seem to be doing better handwise now, but I can’t pedal with my right foot (and have you tried pedaling with your opposing foot?  It’s just weird!) as the front half of that foot still feels wrong.  I’m still wearing my super-heavy-duty shoes, the ones that keep my feet happily trapped and ankles upright.  I hate them, but I’m wearing them.  I keep thinking that if I’d been wearing them that day I wouldn’t have been hurt as bad.  Maybe not even slipped at all.  It’s ridiculous, but there it is.

So now that I’m all scared about another fall, I’m being certain I have my phone with me everywhere.  It’s cold outside, so I can wear the robe with the pockets in the morning and my phone rides along with me.  I’m taking it into the bathroom with me (in the past I’d leave it on the table by the door as I go in; people that talk on the phone in the bathroom bug me) and leave it right outside the shower door when I’m showering.  Like I said: this really scared me.

Anyway, so the flare flared up more after that.  I’ve been running around like a crazy person trying to get everything done.  It finally caught up with me Friday.  Nick came home from work at lunch, took one look at me, and suggested a nap.  I, who do not sleep at all during the day, laid down and slept for 3 hours.  Totally missed the kids piano lesson, only woke up because the piano teacher called and said she was waiting.  The next day I rested all morning, wore myself out completely showering, then stayed home and slept through church.  Got up, watched a movie, marveled at how comfy sweatpants really were, and finally got up enough energy to empty & refill the dishwasher for the first time in two days.

Yesterday the house really needed cleaning.  I broke it down into segments of “work really hard until a joint hurts to much to continue, then find another job that doesn’t involve that joint until a different one yells, then find a job that requires neither of them, then start over again.”  It was delightful, really it was. I put the kids in charge of laundry and cleaning their rooms.  I did the kitchen and the sweeping and the bathrooms.  Husband worked half the day, brought lunch home (we never have take away food, so it was such a surprise), and then fixed a light fixture and the dishwasher, as this is also the month everything breaks.

So I was really surprised after all that hand-using yesterday that my  hands would be up to typing this morning.  Yes, it’s taken a while, but my fingers really aren’t doing half bad this morning.  WOO HOO!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Flare, flare, flare, flare, flare

  1. Wren says:

    Wow–you’ve really had a hard time lately. Isn’t it strange how profoundly a fall, that doesn’t seriously injure you but just wrenches the you-know-what out of your body, can play havoc with the RA? I haven’t fallen in a very long time (knock wood!), but the last time I did I rapped my knuckles hard on the cement as I tried to break my fall. It hurt, but I was okay. The next day, though–and for several weeks (!) after, the two first knuckles on that hand were sore and very swollen. It surprised me.

    I’m glad you’re finally recovering, and glad you didn’t hurt yourself badly. It sounds like you were smart about how you dealt with getting by as your body healed. Thank goodness for kind friends and family!

    I hope you keep feeling better and that the flares ease off. Take care of yourself and have a great holiday. 😉

  2. Wow – what is it with RA people falling lately? I fell down the stairs recently, and another RA blogger did too (can’t remember which one). It really did knock me for a loop, and I still feel like things are out of whack.

    I hope you start feeling better soon!

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