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Happy New Year!  Over at Life According to Lisa, I’ve been talking about the resolutions I’ve been making for my regular daily life.  Some of them are health related, like losing 50 pounds, and some are not, like my goal of writing every day.  But I was thinking this morning “what are my health resolutions?  what kind of health goals do I need to make?”  So here are the things I’ve been thinking about:


1. Losing 50 pounds is not just going to be good for my family photos, but it is going to help every aspect of my life.  Losing 50 pounds is going to help all my joints by not placing so much stress on them.  Losing 50 pounds is going to help my heart and blood pressure.  Losing 50 pounds is going to be awesome.

a.  Part of this goal is me exercising more.  I’m being more open minded about it this time around, looking at things like Belly Dancing and Bike Riding rather than just generic exercise videos.  I’ve started by asking for help on the video suggestions first, but once the weather gets more regular, I’m going to look into some outdoor exercise options.  I’ve also dragged back out my balance ball exercises and other things that were suggested as part of my physical therapy last year.

b.  Another part of this goal is diet.  I’m not just looking into losing weight, I’m looking at foods that will help fight inflammation, foods that will help lessen my migraines, foods that will help me sleep better at night, foods that won’t make me feel ill.  Nick had already started putting some of those foods into our dinners, but I’m looking at putting those into my lunches, snacks, and breakfasts as well.

2. Talk to the doctor about getting back on something for my anxiety/depression issues.  I’m going to bring this up with the neurologist this upcoming week.  I’m sure y’all could see that last year I was up and down and back and forth and all over the place.  It just took me a while to catch on.  I’ve been reading back in my personal journal again and seeing all the signs.  It is just so.very.hard to admit to it and do something about it.


3.  Being more proactive in general about my health.  Making sure I see the rheumatologist from time to time, not just the PA.  Keeping my headache and pain diaries up to date.  Etc.

4 thoughts on “Health resolutions

  1. Weight Watchers has helped me a lot. I’ve lost about 50 pounds since February and most of that time I’ve been on WW. Good luck, and I hope you find something that works well for you.

  2. I like the food resolution – that’s like what I’ve been thinking of recently. They always write about all these foods that are supposed to be really good for you – and it’s nearly always the same foods – and none of them are rice, pasta, or bread. *sigh*

    So, I’ve reincorporated spinach into my diet, and realized that the fresh fruits and vegetables need to be there not just to lose weight, but to improve overall health. And I probably need to step outside of my comfort zone to try some new ones that will help with different things, such as blood pressure and maintaining a good mood. I like your idea about those which reduce inflammation, too.

  3. Spinach is such a happy food! It makes me feel all perky and bouncy! 🙂

    I’m also going to try some foods I’ve not tried before. It turned out that I really did like certain kinds of fish once I’d tried them and spinach and …other things I can’t think of right now.

    Trying new things keeps boredom at bay, too. 🙂

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