New diet/exercise plan, day five

…an update.  🙂


So far, so good, I guess.  I’ve been tracking my food again on, as they have more food in their calculator than the other place did.  (Plus they let me start over.)  I’ve been doing really well, calorie-wise, even despite one unintended meal out (Subway, I picked from their low-cal list and came in right on budget) and some interesting meals to try to gauge info on.  (Most stuff you can figure it out if you know what proportion of ingredients went in to your particular plateful of food)  I am not feeling in any way undernourished and I’m enjoying my lunchtime salads.  This week I’ve had one that was Italian (spring mix & American veggie mix combined, sliced real olives, turkey pepperoni, zesty free-Italian dressing), one Mexican (fajita meat, guacamole, salsa, American veggie mix with carrots), one egg salad (boiled eggs, a dab of mayo to hold them together with spring mix instead of bread, crumbled turkey bacon), and one off the back of the Fat-free Ranch dressing bottle (kidney beans, ranch dressing, carrots, American veggie mix, onions). Breakfasts have basically been a flavored oatmeal, a fruit, sometimes some turkey bacon.  I’ve been trying to wean myself off the caffeine and drink more water than tea/coffee.  Some days I have snacks, other days I eat more dinner instead.  It just depends on the day.


Exercise had gone well until yesterday, when my husband was unexpectedly home in the morning during my workout time (his gym just closed without notice).  I didn’t manage to exercise at all, but I also didn’t really feel like eating much yesterday either, so we’ll just count it as even?  Something like that.  The only problem with this exercise thing so far is that I get up, do it, feel fine all during the doing, then when I stop I get this ferocious headache.  It’s migraine level pain, but it’s not a migraine –it’s all over the front of my head, not just one side; lights do not make it worse; I am not nauseated.  Fortunately for me, I see my neurologist next Thursday, so I can ask her opinion on these headaches.  Today I do have a true migraine.  I haven’t had one in a while.  I think this one was brought on by a trip to Bath & BodyWorks.  I hate this weird scent sensitivity that I’ve developed the last couple years.  It’s really annoying.


Also next week I get to see the rheumatologist.  I’m looking forward to that; we’re going to discuss the drug situation and see if we can get me on something I can live with. 🙂

One thought on “New diet/exercise plan, day five

  1. Sounds like you’re making good progress 🙂
    Keep going, one day at a time.

    The scents thing… isn’t that weird and annoying? Whoever finds a solution will make a mint selling it.

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