Voltaren update

My husband went and got my Voltaren prescription filled this afternoon.  I always love sending him to the pharmacy.  The people there never talk to me outside of asking my name and telling me to sign here or there.  He goes in and they get all effusive and full of facts about the drugs I’m taking and how to take them most effectively.  I don’t know how he gets them to talk.  He thinks it’s just because he’s picking it up for me and is not me and they’re trying to be careful.  *shakes head*


Anyhow, 4 things: 1) This “really expensive” tube of medicine only costs as much as one session of PT, which I find to be really cheap since the PT session is only one of like 20 that need to be paid for and this tube will last as long as all 20 of those sessions for the low price of just one and 2) Voltaren did wonders for my unhappy thumb.  (My back, well, we’ll see.  I did a bunch of stuff while waiting for it to dry and I think I made my back pain worse than it was.  Will try on another joint tomorrow and see if it helps like my thumb.)  3. It does not burn.  That is so delightful!  4) It smells like old-school lysol, which makes me all nostalgic and hasn’t annoyed me.  So for now we’re cautiously optimistic.

2 thoughts on “Voltaren update

  1. Glad to hear that the early reports are optimistic 🙂

    I didn’t want to say anything before you tried it. My entire family can’t stand the smell. I can be upstairs, in my room, applying the voltaren, and someone downstairs will yell, “Are you using that horrid smelling stuff again?!” Personally, I think it smells like somebody spilled the lavender oil; a little would be okay, but they used waaayyyy too much.

    I hope it continues to do the job for you. good luck!

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