Neurologist appointment

I had a follow-up appointment with my neurologist today.  One of those super-extra-long appointments that you’re not quite expecting.  My “migraine’s” had been getting weirder of late, so I had my headache chart all filled out and made a list of the extra special weirdnesses that had occurred recently.  She studied my chart, asked quite a few more questions, and told me I’d be having more tests run and be getting a couple new medications.


One of the tests (done today) was just to check that I hadn’t accidentally overdone it on Vitamin D.  I was way low previously, so at my last appointment she’d told me to up my dosage on supplements, which I did, following her advice about how much.  So we’re just checking on that.  The other test will be an EEG because she’s concerned that my weirder episodes aren’t migraines after all, that they might be seizures instead.  In the end it doesn’t really matter, as the meds she’s prescribing will take care of both of those things, but seizures require twice the dosage you take for migraines.  (The other medicine is one of those migraine stoppers you take once the migraine hits – I used to take those a lot.)


So…I came home and started looking things up on the internet about seizures.  It was quite interesting, but I’m not getting worked up about it, especially after all that testing last summer that ended up coming up with nothing new.  I’m going to try to chill out and not worry about it.  At this point, what can I do, right?

2 thoughts on “Neurologist appointment

  1. Seizures, eh? That just sounds so… joyful? I don’t know. At least we can make a cheap milkshake, right? 😉

    Well, if the tests come back and say you’ve got them, but the meds treat them and you no longer have them, then doesn’t that mean that you kind of come out ahead because now you have a really good reason to have those meds that is easier to document than migraines?

    I’m reaching here. I’m trying to look for a silver lining. Maybe you and I should just have a glass of wine.

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