Since I am on day a billion (okay, maybe day 14) of The Headache That Never Goes Away, I’ve started an experiment to see if I can figure out how to make it go away.  I haven’t managed it yet, but I have managed to make it worse a few times.


Things that made my headache worse:

  1. Exercise.  Light.  Exuberant.  I didn’t seem to matter.  If I was moving around, it was worse.  So I’ve given it up for now, barring the daily stretching.
  2. Bending over at all for any reason, actually.  Which I do A LOT and can’t give up.
  3. Lack of caffeine  – gave me another kind of headache on top of what I already had
  4. Too much caffeine  -also made me nauseated
  5. Loud things, including but not limited to: my kids, the tv, the radio, the ticking of the turn signal in the van, the tippy-tap of the computer keys.
  6. The Evil DayStar
  7. Looking back and forth from the TV to my book and back again.
  8. The same with the computer and my kids across the room.


Other things:

  1. I’m still sleeping ridiculously well.  I go to bed at night, crawl in, and next thing I know it is morning.  It’s amazing.  I don’t think I’ve slept this well since before I had children, maybe not even then, actually.  Maybe not even since childhood.
  2. I have been very blessed lately by friends watching my kids some for me while I finish projects that will make my house easier to keep clean & tidy.  That has been so very wonderful.
  3. Despite all those good things, as each day goes by I’m having more and more weird little episodes.  They seem to be less big (see, even typing I can’t think of the right word) but occurring more often.  They’ve started happening in front of other people, other adults.  Oddly, this has been a good thing in a couple different ways: 1) people are being more helpful, and 2) people are telling me things I am doing/saying/etc that are weird that I would not have picked up on myself.   I’m keeping a list for the neurologist.

One thought on “Experimentation

  1. That’s not my idea of good. I was wondering if you (seriously) have tried chocolate, particularly dark chocolate. Mmm… Dove dark chocolate… But I digress. It’s supposed to have really good stuff in there for you.

    Secondly, blood pressure? Is that an issue?

    Thirdly, when you bend over, do you squat down, or do you bend from the waist? I’ve had times wherein my whole being was destroyed by bending at the waist, but if I could squat without lowering my head lower than my heart, I was okay.

    I know, not really helpful, but I must try…

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