Ignore this…

…it’s mostly a note to myself, but I re-read my last post before I post again and therefore I will read this exactly when I need this next.

Another mini-episode.  Today’s symptom order:

1. Notice I’m warming up (warm water running nearby, cute hat wearing in progress)

2. Mild dizziness

3. Massive confusion (where am I?  why am I wearing a hat indoors?  whose clothes are these?)

4.  Sharp spiky headache immediately followed by

5. Memory intactness and

6. Big dizziness

7.  later, about 10 minutes or so, nausea.  bleh.


Especially note: blood pressure  & pulse normal when checked after confusion cleared.

Don’t worry.  I was making spaghetti, but not actively cutting anything.  And there were new trivets in the kitchen.  And I was wearing new-to-me clothes.  So it wasn’t quite as dire as all that.