EEG test

On Thursday morning  I had an EEG to check to see if I’m having seizures.  Well, that’s what the doctor told me anyway.  I got in to have the test, what my doctor told me was the 2-3 hour version, and was told by the person administering the test that a) my doctor’s note to her said that I was having seizures and this was just to determine what kind and b) I was only having the 30 minute test.  Puzzled by both these things, I asked if that could be verified before we started, as my doctor’s office was literally two doors down from where we were at the time.  She went off to verify and came back with the same information, so we started the test.

For those of you who have had one, in a way it was quite similar to having a sleep study done.  The person administering the test dug through my hair with a measuring tape and some kind of colored pencil, measuring and cross-measuring spots on my head where the electrodes would go.  Then she gently filed the hair off those bits so the electrodes could make better contact.  A gel was applied to those spots and the electrodes stuck into the gel, with the wires hanging out behind my head.

I was comfortably settled into a LaZBoy recliner at this point and told to attempt sleep, or at least to close my eyes and try to doze.  Since the room I was in was bordered by a busy street and a bathroom, sleep was impossible.  But I did sort of have these little half dreams brought on by lack of sleep the night before (mandated by the testing people).  A while later they started the flashing light portion of the test.  I was supposed to keep my eyes closed while the lights flashed in patterns in front of me.  They started off fairly calmly, but progressed onwards into more and more distressing patterns.  By the end it felt like the light was trying to seep into my brain.  But I didn’t notice any personal weirdness going on, nor did the testing people come rushing into the room to save me, so I don’t think anything happened there.


My parents drove me home, I showered the goo out of my hair, and all was well for the next couple hours, but then I could feel something like a migraine coming on.  But not.  It wasn’t a migraine and it wasn’t a Big Weirdness and it wasn’t a Little Weirderness.  It was bad and different all at once.  So I called in to the doctor’s office, cancelled my afternoon plans, and tried to rest.  My parents helped pick up the kids from school, I went to bed early, and the next day the neurologist’s office called back to see how I was feeling.  I told them what was going on and they said they’d pass it on to the doctor when she came in (which at this point I’m thinking probably wasn’t at all that day and won’t be until tomorrow) and have her call me back.


In the days since I’ve been slowly feeling better.  But I’m having some odd things going on that I’m currently chalking up to weird side effects of the new migraine/seizure medication.  I’m hoping to bring that up when I have the doctor on the phone tomorrow, as a couple of them are on the “Severe side effects: contact your doctor at once” list of side effects.  *sigh*

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