Blood pressure–I have some

I had another of my big weird episodes yesterday.  The kids were home, they knew something was happening, so David brought me my blood pressure monitor and helped me get it on so I could check my pressure while an attack was occurring.  I supposed I shouldn’t be surprised, but my blood pressure was through the roof.  I thought about calling someone, but time was short, our evening already in motion, and really, what could anyone have done?  So we kept on with our evening, I tried to stay as calm as was possible, and I ended the evening with a lower pressure than I’d started.


I called both the neurologist and my primary care physician this morning.  My pcp’s office called me back immediately, gave my issues some thought, then called me back with a plan of action.  I still haven’t heard back from the neuro’s office, but since they were supposed to call on Monday and I haven’t had that call yet either, I’m not holding my breath. (Edited to add: they did finally call me.  Well, not my doctor or nurse, but someone from that office.  She wasn’t sure why I was updating them about my blood pressure, but said she’d put a call out to my neuro, who is once again out of the office this week and she would call me back if there was anything else they wanted to know.)


The best news of the day was that I can just double up on meds I’ve already got in stock, so I didn’t even have to go anywhere to start my new course.  And since the pcp’s office was so quick on the draw this morning, I’ve even taken my first doubled dose today.  While I’m not completely better, after the first hour of woozy wore off, I’ve felt perkier and less bad-headed than I have in weeks, which is wonderful!  (The headache of doom, however is still not gone.)