Two weeks

Now I’ve had the pre-requisite two weeks with my meds switched. My blood pressure has gone back down to regular levels all the time now. My nasal congestion is nearly entirely gone and I can smell again (except for the two days that I forgot the new nose spray; those days I got about half way through the day and thought “Why can’t I breathe?! Where are the smells?”). I’m not having the crushing headaches any more, nor the all day vertigo. In short, if it weren’t for this flare I started earlier in the week, life would be nearly perfect.


So now a question: have any of y’all noticed a propensity for flaring the week before menses? I’ve not kept a regular chart of my RA pain levels in quite a while (no one was checking it, so I stopped keeping up; sad, but true), so I don’t know if there’s really a correlation other than this month and last month, but thought I’d throw that question out there. Thanks for keeping up with me, even when I’m not so posty! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Two weeks

  1. Wren says:

    Incredible what damage the wrong meds (or too many or the wrong combinations, etc) can do to a person. I’m really glad that you’re feeling so much better, Lisa, though I’m sorry the RA has decided to rain on your parade for a while.

    As for flares and the menses, I don’t have much helpful to say. The two never had any connection for me. Sometimes it was that time of the month and I flared, sometimes not. That’s a great question, though–perhaps a really good one for a rheumatologist?

    Hope you have a restful and fun weekend. Take care of you, okay?

  2. 1) Great to hear that you’re feeling so much better.
    2) Yes, definite link. Except starting mtx put a happy end to all that unpleasantness.

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