My brain, it doesn’t like hearing these things which you are saying.

There really are a lot of quotes out there about being tired of something, but none of them really fit this situation, so no quote today. 😦

I saw the neurologist again this week. There was a horrifically long wait (I was seriously late for a meeting at the kids school), but the neurologist is great because she really does spend all the time with us that we need, so I have no complaint there, really. We talked about my test results (negative), my blood pressure (back to normal) and my (new lack of) headaches. We talked about my issues sleeping (the falling asleep part, not the waking up due to pain), the newly reawakened numbness & tingling I’ve noticed that the rheumatologist is absolutely insistent is not part of the RA, and all the possibilities of further illness/disease/whatever.

She suggested a sleep study (looking for possible sleep apnea), an EMG (because of the weird sensations that don’t line up with anything she can think of), and something else that totally didn’t register…because my mind was alive with shouting “NO NO NO NO NO NO no more tests!” I told her I’d had a sleep study years ago, nerve testing (which apparently is different from an EMG), and just could not right now even think about starting another process of yet more testing. She was very kind and allowed me a two month time frame to think over this decision and see if I could either a) get all better without further intervention on her behalf or b) decide to go along with more testing or c) decide to take a longer break from the neurology department.
So for now I’m thinking about it all, trying to decide my next move.


2 thoughts on “My brain, it doesn’t like hearing these things which you are saying.

  1. 😦 Sorry. It gets so frustrating bouncing around between doctors and tests like a ping-pong ball getting whacked back & forth.

    I’ve had an EMG. It’s not something I’d do for recreation, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as people had made it out to be, either. Worth doing (oh, and RA can cause nerve damage). Best of luck!

  2. You know I understand the “Cease all testing!” state of mind. We decided that with Kelly a while back. Yes, she still has some unexplained problems, but we’re not stressing out every couple of months waiting for the results for some new debilitating disease. And we’re not spending all that money on doctors. Most of the time, we just muddle through, and she seems to be okay. Here’s hoping it works for you!

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