Another flare

Hello everyone!  I have noticed in myself a tendency not to blog while things are going all right.  Which they have been for quite a while.  A few mini-flares here and there, but pretty good.  I got optimistic again.  I started a new thing at the kids school (a Lego building club; the librarian applied for a grant and I go up and help her help the kids).


Ben and his friend at Lego Club: see they have directions and everything. We just have to show up and help!

Then last night I started feeling it: the fever, the chills, the exhaustion setting in.  Woke up this morning feeling like someone hammered on all my little joints with tiny hammers and all my large joints with rubber mallets.  I laid in bed for 30 minutes trying to wrap my mind around getting up.  Eventually I worked myself out of the bed and into the bathroom, to take some anti-inflammatories and to put some Voltaren on some of the most painful spots.  I’d done quite a lot of stirring for last nights dinner, so of course my elbows and wrists were the most unhappy.  Then I went out and snuggled some kids for a while, took the older ones to school, and went back to snuggle the youngest before taking him to school.  I’d planned to go to the gym today and to practice piano for special music for Saturday and the clarinet for the church recital which is coming up on Sunday.  I got about half way through the piano practice before I just couldn’t play any more.  I decided to take a break and come back to it later when I was feeling energetic.  Hahahahahaha.

I ended up watching a moderately depressing movie (it had sounded funny from the description) and eating lunch and resting some more after.  Some already-folded laundry got put away, as did some already-washed-&-dried dishes.  Then I picked up the youngest and took him over to the big kids school to help set up for the aforementioned Lego club, but they wouldn’t let us in because a kid was still doing some state-mandated-testing.  So we waited around and eventually made our way down to the library.  The stairs, they were EVIL.  (I’d have taken the elevator, but it was full the janitor’s cart).  Lego club was already in motion when we got down there (they didn’t know I couldn’t come in and I couldn’t call down to tell them).  Fortunately we had a bit of a break for yearbook photos.

We went home after that, the kids practiced piano, and now we’re sitting at their piano lessons.  Smile  I miss having my own lessons, but it was so frustrating with the mini-flares and not knowing when they were going to come on.  They are so sneaky.  At least with a big flare, I have a few hours warning with the fever.  Yay for the fever warning system, right?  (Thinking positive is my new goal.  Yup, yup, yup.)


My friend Janice would call these “cankles” *sigh*

What else?  Nothing much newsworthy.  Just life, which is ridiculously busy.

One thought on “Another flare

  1. Wren says:

    So sorry to hear about the big flare, but happy to hear that overall, you’ve been feeling so much better. I loved your description of little hammers pounding little joints and rubber mallets pounding the big ones–it fits perfectly. I guess I’ve been lucky (or maybe unlucky?)–I’ve never had fever with my RA. When flares come on, they nearly always catch me unawares and unprepared.

    I hope this current flare goes quickly and that you’ll have another nice long run of pain-free weeks ahead. I’ve been wondering how you were. 😉

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