Rough week


AIE, but it’s been a rough week!  We had our first ever Spring Recital at church, which my husband and I were in charge of.  We had a bunch of people helping us, of course, and lots of people to perform, but there was a lot of behind the scenes work that we did for it (getting refreshments, making & printing programs, emailing performers, etc), plus I was a performer as well (our kids, too), so the week started off with a huge deficit of energy.


But there’s no rest for me, because then of course there was also this week the Spring Carnival for our kids elementary school.  I’m on the PTA board as the contact person for the homeroom parents, so I’d already spent several weeks emailing, emailing, emailing, preparing documents, sending things home to parents, etc before we even got to this week.  Then there was all the running around the last couple days getting stuff ready and purchased and set up, followed by the 3 hours of carnival itself selling tickets and helping to run booths for my kids classes.  It was quite a workout.

Needless to say, really, but I totally overdid it.

So  today, since I very literally can’t walk more than 20 steps without falling over from pain (I can get to the closest bathroom, but not to *my* bathroom, it’s really annoying), I’m staying home and resting.  Every time I close my eyes, though, I’m back in some panic situation, out of food or tickets or prizes or something, and it’s just not restful.  I’m trying to think good thoughts, though.  Cupcakes, for example.  There are lots of those in my kitchen, thanks to a kindergartner that turned them upside down.  They just needed to be flipped over and refrosted and they were good as new (the cake walk lady was going to toss them; oh no, said I).  So some triple chocolate yum for me later when I feel up to getting into the kitchen.  And in the meantime I’ve found a sort-of upright position to look at the computer from, which is a vast improvement from the morning when I was really stuck flat (my hips hadn’t found the right position somehow, but after a lot of effort they’re in a bit better place).  So hey, I have both time and ability to catch up on some blogging and reading others blogs that I haven’t had the last few weeks.  So yay for that, too!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Rough week

  1. The day after is the worst, but I agree, some things are totally worth it for me. I would rather spend a day or two (or three) recovering than miss out on certain things.

  2. WOW! take a breath and step back so you can enjoy these moments…worried that you are going at such a pace you will burn out sooner rather than later…take care..Nan

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