life, the universe, and everything

When last I posted, I was in the middle of a flare. I thought it would be gone soon and I could pick up my regular pace and get some posting in on various topics, but the flare would not die off like they normally do. I started a prednisone taper, got a little better, then got a lot worse when I came off of it. I couldn’t walk farther than my bathroom and back to the couch.

I called the doctor and eventually got fit in. We agreed that it was time for me to start on the big guns meds again, as my range of motion had gotten to the pitiful point, not just in the bursitis-y hip, but my arms, shoulders, hands, etc. So I spoke to the infusion nurse and got signed on to start Orencia once approval goes through (a two week process, I’m told, which I’m nearly at the end of). Also got a shot for the hip, which of course made it worse for a couple days before it got better. The shot made it so I could make it through all of the end-of-the-school year stuff with the kids (graduations from pre-school and elementary school, award ceremonies, parties) and could get back to all my cleaning (the dishwasher went out a couple months ago and it’s been taking me 2 hours every day just to get through the dishes; the new dishwasher is supposed to be in any day now).


Then, of course, just as I was thinking I’d get some down time finally, my mom managed to hurt her back badly enough that I’m needed to go down and help with her. My dad’s been dealing with her on his own for several days and hasn’t managed to talk her into seeing the doctor (she hates them; hasn’t been to one in years) yet, although she’s reached the point where she’s been in bed long enough to get bedsores.  I’m going down to dig through their health insurance stuff and try to make sense of it, find them a doctor off their list, try to get her in with a new doctor asap, and then figure out how to literally get her in to the doctor (not just getting her to agree to it, but actually physically getting her into the car).


And I need to figure out who to get to feed the fish.  We’ve not had pets in a very long time and we got fish on Friday, not knowing that my mom was doing poorly until after we’d gotten the fish.  My husband is also going out of town this week.  Do you call a petsitter for fish? IDEK!   (Plus must call all the playdates/parties/babysitter for our date and cancel. AIE.)


*This post brought to you by a night filled with tossing and turning and not sleeping, no, never sleeping.

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