Another mom update

On Thursday instead of moving my mom into the main part of the hospital, they found her a place at a Long Term Acute Care Hospital across town.  She really seems to be thriving there, what with there not being as many IV’s restricting her arm movement, more PT & OT helping her regain that movement, a bed that has a table that moves in to her so she can start feeding herself again, and not being woken up as much during the night for medical checks.  My dad is also allowed to spend the night there and we can all visit now, kids included.  She really likes that. Medically speaking, they’ve managed to get her down to a reasonable level of blood pressure medicine, a good schedule of insulin, and to all intents and purposes it seems as though her infection has started healing rather than spreading.  🙂 She’ll be in this care facility for a couple months, we think.


So now that she’s more stable and comfortable, the kids and I have headed back home for Father’s Day and the week ahead.  We’re going back again next weekend and for that entire week (the kids have art camp there).  In the meantime my sister will be there and two of my best friends from college and their babies will be visiting in the evenings.  I am so very glad to be home!  I sent everyone off to church while I’m sitting at home resting and updating things that need updating and such.


Thanks for the good thoughts everyone!

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