Summer catch-up

“How did it get so late so soon?” 
― Dr. Seuss

The rest of June:   I learned how to use the crockpot and grew addicted to trying foods off Pinterest. The kids also had a lot of lasts with friends that were moving away.  We visited a lot of strange spraygrounds and parks.  David and Ben had Art Camp and Greg had a great big box of art supplies and a sewing kit to keep him busy.

July: Cepheid Girl’s Sleepover(my main club/group in college) at my best friend Steph’s house which was epically hysterical, then a few days at my other college best friend Kay’s house, where we visited yet more parks and spraygrounds.  I got some sort of sinus/upper respiratory infection that hit really hard on July 4th and had to go home and get better before I could visit my mom again in the hospital.  It took three weeks because I was so freaking exhausted from the month before. The kids had swimming lessons nearly every day because of mischeduling on the part of the college and then wacky weather that made it so one kid had a lesson, lightning knocked the second lesson out of the water, and the third kid sometimes got to swim and sometimes didn’t.  Makeup lessons for those 8 lessons (times 3 kids) went on into August.  It was quite ridiculous.  We also had another whole bunch of playdates, days at the library, and visits to yet more strange parks and spraygrounds because it was 108 degrees and what else are you gonna do in the face of all that heat?

August: The kids and I saw the 4th Ice Age movie and I said “have they really made 4 of these?!  aie!”  Nick’s mom, sister, and I drove over to Shreveport for Matt’s fiancee’s bridal shower, which was very pretty and had terrible punch.  David moved up to the Teen group at church because we don’t have enough teens for a teen group without the middle schoolers being in it.  They had a Lock-In, which Nick attended while I watched the small ones.  Also, more playdates, and emergency tire repair & replacement, followed by a trip to BCS for my mom’s birthday/being let out of the hospital extravaganza.  Came home just in time for a pre-teen swim party (the titles of groups at Nick’s church are weird.  Pre-teens are elementary school kids), which the kids had a ton of fun at.  Nick and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary at a little French restaurant in town, which was full of yummy dinner foods and disappointing desserts.  Then there was Meet the Teacher and Jr. High Orientation (David’s school goes back and forth between calling itself a Middle School or a Jr. High, depending on who sends the notes from school.  It’s quite funny.).  David’s new school has like 20 little buildings and he has to wander here, there, everywhere all day long.  (It’s insane enough that the PTA installed cold water bottle refill stations everywhere so no one dies of heat exhaustion.  Sadly there’s not enough time between classes to actually get refills. ) We had a one-last-blast weekend in Dallas before school started, with a super fun Cepheid Reunion (again, the college group; we’re pretty social and our little family only makes it to about 1/3 of the activities every year) on Saturday night and a very-comfortably-rainy Six Flags on Sunday.  Such a great weekend!  Then school started and we had Megan and McKinley for a day and then we got started getting used to school.

September: The first weekend we drove down to CS to pick up Nick (his rental car came from there due to all the medical stuff in June). I went to my Substitute Teacher Orientation, only to find out that you don’t get to teach right away, you have to go through a couple more weeks of getting fingerprinted, filling out yet more paperwork, and finally getting a badge printed so you can work.  It takes about 3 weeks from Orientation to Working, which is made even more annoying because you apply for the job in June. But eventually I’ll get to work.  The school has me on their list already.  🙂   What else?  We’re trying to figure out how to do playdates for the younger kids after school, which is complicated by the fact that we have to pick David up at 3:40, which actually becomes 3:55 as we wait in line trying to get back out of the pick up area.  Nick’s been home and his car is out of commission, so I’ve been driving everyone everywhere, which actually eats quite a large chunk of the day.  I’m also on PTA boards at both schools (Secretary/Membership/Volunteer Coordinator for the executive board for the younger kids school and just a chairperson for the other school’s board) and the Book Fair is going on at the younger kids school, which I volunteer a lot for.  Nick’s been at work in the day and doing Scouts start up meetings at various schools in the evenings.  There’s been Open House at D’s school, and the other kids have one tomorrow.  All the kids have started back to piano lessons (Greg for the first time).  I joined the gym again and am trying to get back into shape so I won’t hurt so freaking much.  BUSY is the word of the month.

So there, all caught up!  There’s a billion photos at my other blog Is there anything I didn’t blog about?  Anything you want to know more about?  Comment below and I’ll give details.  Whee!