catching up

RA-wise, the last six months have been ok. I’m still on Orencia, have added methotrexate in, have had a couple steroid shots, and am back on prednisone for a 16 day taper right now. I’ve felt the RA inching ever higher on basic levels of pain, so I’ll be upping my methotrexate again next month, which makes me not as happy as I might be.

But today, today is the day for weirdness. A tick fell out of my hair this morning and latched onto my arm. I got if off and sanitized and put antibiotic ointment on it, but I have no idea if it had been nibbling on me in the night. What do I do about that?

And then today we realized that our youngest child, who has been fully vaccinated, most likely has chickenpox.  We’re going to check with his doctor about it.  I guess I’ll need to call my doctor,too, because it’s been a quadruple whammy of a week. 😦


How are y’all?