Day Two: Food, Fitness, & Faith

Day Two was all about your partnership with God.  It reminded us not only to avoid unhealthy foods, but to remember that you can ask God to help you with that part of the journey.  That God is always protecting you and to try to remember that when you’re faced with unhealthy choices of all kinds.

So today I got up and had a stumbling block right away: a kid in my bed.  I exercise behind the closed door of my bedroom because I find exercising to be super-embarrassing.  So this was hard: do I wake up the little one to exercise or put it off hoping I’d find willpower later?  Well, I ended up letting him sleep a while longer and then trying to transfer him to his bed, but he woke up anyway.  I left him out on the couch with his brothers and went off to do my exercising.

In terms of exercise, I’m currently doing Nancy Marmorat’s video series on low-impact exercises.  There’s one dealing with different groups of muscles each day of the week for four days, using simple items like towels and one pound weights.  Yesterday worked on the stomach area and today worked the chest and shoulders (plus a warm up and several minutes of cardio). Then I’m doing balance ball exercises from physical therapy the last official exercise day of the week.  I’m hoping to also walk the other two days, but I’m not going hinge all my plans on those two little walks.

Eating wise, I did okay most of the day. Breakfast looked like this:


(oatmeal, an orange, a slice of turkey bacon, and some green tea)

We skipped midmorning snack entirely.  Lunch was some baked potato with very carefully measured sour cream and butter and a whole lot of chives (yum!) for only 400 calories of goodness.

Afternoon snack was chocolate pudding made with 2% milk (only 140 calories a serving for a 1/2 cup of yum).

Dinner was pasta & sauce with broccoli. I tried to eat more broccoli than p&s.  And then I had a small piece of birthday cake (which I found to be totally reasonable given the skipped snack earlier).

Day One: Food, Fitness, & Faith

During the spring campout at church a few of us ladies were chatting (while making lunches for the kids) about how we were all in need of a little help with our waistlines.  Most of us had gained 40 or more pounds since our weddings (although one had gained a lot less, she was a lot closer to her wedding than the rest of us as well) and we had all tried lots of diets or exercise plans and not had them work.

Well, one of the ladies had a new plan:  God, by way of the Sam’s Club book counter:

Food, Fitness, and Faith for Women: A 21 Day Journey to a New You

We all agreed that God had been the one thing really lacking in our past plans, so we got hold of the book and we set a start date and now that day is here.

The book is pretty simple and slim on details: you find your own diet and exercise plan, something doctor approved, and then this book provides the Scripture and encouragement and opportunity to journal daily.  A little paragraph about health, a lot of quotes from the Bible and elsewhere, and then a journaling prompt.  I liked this because it didn’t dictate to me exactly what I had to follow, so I could go at my own pace and let my RA kind of determine my days more than a book full of advice that didn’t take that into consideration.

Here’s how today went:

I did really good in the morning: got up, read the chapter, made myself a little plaque with the main quote from the book to put up in my kitchen, worked out, ate a reasonable breakfast & skipped snacking.

Afternoon wasn’t bad either: a decent lunch, then skipped the afternoon snack because I was having a high calorie dinner, walked a fair distance to the car & back.

Evening though, well, some of you know that I went back home after the play.  Nick didn’t go back to work (surprise!), but had been preparing a special dinner..  So I did not do well in the evening after all that work the rest of the day. *sigh*

But that’s okay!  The book didn’t really have any goal for today other than make a list of healthy choices you’d like to follow and unhealthy ones you’d like to drop and an admonition to look at portion sizes, which I totally did.  Smile

My healthy habits list:

  • Eat less bad for me things
  • Drink more H20
  • Exercise at least 5 days a week

Bad habits to change:

  • Eating junk just for something to do
  • Drinking caffeine & alcohol
  • Not exercising because “I don’t have time.”

My grandma

There will be a break from the usual Food Diary posts for an unforeseen number of days.  My grandma (my dad’s mom) passed away less than an hour ago.  She fell down in the middle of the night, lapsed into a coma, and never woke up.  My day has been filled with phone calls both to us and to others for updates and plans.  I was fortunate enough to have a few friends over this morning (I debated calling & telling them not to come) and they were very sweet & comforting.  I’ve eaten nothing but junk food.  It is good for the soul, if nothing else.  Very soothing.

In any case, I’ll be taking a bit of a break this week.  “Talk” to you again next week.

Food Diary: Day 3




The remainder of 3 kids bowls of off-brand Honey Nut Cheerios.  Yes, that made up an entire bowl.  They started pouring cereal into bowls 3 minutes before it was time to go to school (while I was changing clothes).  This mornings tea: Bigelow’s Cinnamon Apple (in my new Volunteers Make a Better World mug)





One Lime Zinger cookie with the boychild.  Also a mug of GoodEarth’s Lemongrass green tea.  Yes, I drink a lot of tea. :)  He had chocolate milk and told me that I needed to tell you all that.





We spent 25 minutes waiting at the pharmacy counter in the grocery store while the pharmacists all stared at the computer screen, scratching their heads, wondering why all my prescriptions were canceled.  That made us late getting out of the store, which meant there was no time to make the sandwiches that we were in there buying bread for before heading up to the kids school to have lunch with the middle child.  So smallest boy got a lunchable (ew) and I got a deli salad (which proclaimed: NOW ONLY 230 CALORIES.  My nearly emtpy tummy and I agree: very low on calories.)  Also ate the middle child’s apple, since he was about to throw it in the trash.  Silly, silly boy.  Drank water out of my giant MOPS water bottle.




For dinner, I had a meeting with the other MOPS coordinators in my area (technically I’m not one, but I’m the behind-the-scenes-silent-partner) at McAlister’s Deli.  Had a french dip sandwich and some salad.  Sweet tea to drink.  Mmm.  Sweet tea.  Theirs is the best.  :)  Had half of an oatmeal cookie for desert.

Food Diary, Day Two

It’s only Day Two and I’m already admitting failure: lunch was grazing across two outings.



Husband-made Belgium waffle with local honey on top and some strawberries & pineapple with English Breakfast Tea to drink


At the PTA Volunteer Tea Party: one sugar cookie (medium), one lemon mini-cupcake, one small chunk of watermelon, and a teacup of raspberry iced tea

p_00004 (2)

At the MDO End-of-Year party: toddler sized portions of teeny-tiny chunks of cheese, cheetos, one chocolate chip cookie (small), & a juicy juice grape juice box (no hot dog for me!)

DSCN7411 (2)

Snack :


(the thing I packed as my lunch, but forgot to eat)



Cheesy grits, Chicken with Italian sauce, and Broccoli (all husband made, of course) with water to drink.

Food diary, day one

You already saw what I ate for breakfast earlier, so here’s the rest of the day:

p_00004 p_00003

Snack.  I started eating the crackers, had three, then decided they were much too salty, despite being the right caloric intake.  So I ate celery with homemade ranch dressing (which is made mostly with plain lowfat yogurt) and drank some Passionfruit, Jasmine, & Orange Green Tea.

p_00072 (3) Lunch was leftovers as well: Zucchini with corn meal (not breaded, exactly, just tossed with), brown rice pilaf (rice, spices, chicken stock), and my husband’s version of chicken salad (chicken, plain yogurt, celery) with water to drink.

p_00073 (4)

Another snack (my kids have two a day, so I do as well): carrot sticks & the aforementioned ranch with iced Lemongrass green tea.

p_00075 (3)

Monday night is Scout night, so it’s easy-to-fix dinner night: 100% white meat chicken breast nuggets, green beans, instant mashed potatoes mixed with the other half of that ranch seasoning packet and yet more water.

Things that didn’t get pictured: one tiny chunk of mancheego cheese that Nick had me finish and one small red lollipop that I ate to be polite and one adult beverage because it’s my last night before methotextrate starts back tomorrow.

Another quick note: I didn’t talk to my husband about all this “trying to eat healthy” again thing, so our available leftovers & dinner menu for this week do not reflect the new plan yet.  I’m trying to make the best choices based on what’s around, which is generally pretty healthy food.  (Even the chicken nuggets: as healthy as we can purchase pre-made convenience food.  We’re label checkers and this is as good as it gets.  The mashed potatoes actually never get eaten.  They are gross.  I’m tossing that box tomorrow.)