Thoughts about Chinese Massage

After having the massage, I have discovered all the ways that I’m “doing it wrong.” I sit wrong at church and in meetings, which makes the balls of my feet hurt all the time. I sit wrong at the computer and that is making my hip and knee and opposite ankle hurt (not to mention my head/neck). When a boy sleeps in my bed, I throw up my arms weird and sleep all twisted up, which makes my shoulders and spine hurt. I chew lots of hard, crunchy things, which throws my jaw out of place and makes my head hurt. So many things… *sigh* So now I’m trying to be more ergonomically correct and thoughtful about my body positions. Yay?


Depression is Sneaky

Depression is Sneaky

This. Yes. That whole part about depression striking whenever and wherever and the grief of losing the life you had before the disease. I have been struggling with this lately myself.

Tui Na

I had a form of Chinese massage today to help with my RA. Oddly enough, my massage therapist doesn’t believe that RA is a real thing. She told me that I had basically dislocated most of my joints and set to work putting them back into place. For the most part, I’m feeling pretty good now. Range of motion in my neck, shoulders, and hips is better than it’s been in years. A few places still aren’t up to snuff. One place actively hurts like h*ll. In any case, I get to spend the next three days in pj’s and eating soup. Then, I go back next week to try to finish up the stuff that wasn’t done today..


Some mornings I get up, pour myself some cereal, then can’t eat it because it hurts my jaw too much. That same jaw pain will keep me from talking on the phone, flossing my teeth, and even smiling as much as I normally do.

Arthritis Pain Weather Analyzer/Predictor

I just saw this in a post from CreakyJoints and thought I’d share in case you hadn’t seen it yet: Arthritis Pain Predictor

catching up

RA-wise, the last six months have been ok. I’m still on Orencia, have added methotrexate in, have had a couple steroid shots, and am back on prednisone for a 16 day taper right now. I’ve felt the RA inching ever higher on basic levels of pain, so I’ll be upping my methotrexate again next month, which makes me not as happy as I might be.

But today, today is the day for weirdness. A tick fell out of my hair this morning and latched onto my arm. I got if off and sanitized and put antibiotic ointment on it, but I have no idea if it had been nibbling on me in the night. What do I do about that?

And then today we realized that our youngest child, who has been fully vaccinated, most likely has chickenpox.  We’re going to check with his doctor about it.  I guess I’ll need to call my doctor,too, because it’s been a quadruple whammy of a week. 😦


How are y’all?


“There is no gr…

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Maya Angelou