Quickly, now

I’m running around like a mad fiend. Feast time is upon us and I have lots to do. But I wanted to quickly tell you guys that I tried Zumba again and I LOVE IT EVEN MORE! 🙂

Overdid it

There is no end to education.

It is not that you read a book,

pass an examination,

and finish with education.

The whole of life,

from the moment you are born

to the moment you die,

is a process of learning. 
–Jiddu Krishnamurti 


Yesterday I did not get called in to work, so I decided to get on track with making my master bedroom more of a sanctuary.  I’d been thinking of it longingly since the beginning of December, but had no time to do anything about it.  It had turned into that place where people dumped things off when they weren’t sure where stuff went.  I thought it would be easy: get the junk out and TADA!  Sanctuary!


Not so much.  I had to find homes for everything, which turned into an all day adventure which had me hauling boxes down and making new messes and moving things all around.  While I’m fairly pleased now with how my room looks (it’s mostly done, but I’d like to repaint some bookcases now.  I’ll need some assistance with that.  They are large and I can’t move them alone)  and the fact that everything else found a home (although some found “homes” in the trash, recycling, and donation bins), I ended up with massive amounts of pain.  😦


Things I learned from this experience:

1) I shouldn’t ever think that a pile of junk will be easy to deal with.

2) I should not put heavy things up high (I knew this, I really did, but I didn’t think that I had actually DONE it.)

3) If I discover something heavy up high, I should wait for someone to come home and help rather than expose my shoulders, elbows, and wrists to such weight.

4) I need to remember to take more breaks, even if my brain is excited and thinks it can just push through the pain.  I shouldn’t push through the pain.