I subbed up at the school yesterday as the librarian.  Some days are quite quiet up there, but Tuesday’s are her big day: 6 classes back to back with a little break to eat & shelve books in the middle.  The regular teachers like to use library time as a place to park the kids while they go off and do other things, so it’s all up to the librarian to get the kids through a lesson and finding books and checking out and then time in the computer lab.  (Some teachers do stay close by, but busy.  One actually stayed and helped, which I LOVE her for.)  By the time the third period had gone through my hands were swollen up big enough that the bigger sized rings that I was wearing were too small for me.  (I need to remember to get them out of my wallet still.)


Anyhow, my day wasn’t over then.  Middle boy had dance class, then both the older boys had piano lessons, then we came home and did all the days chores (we’re trying out, by the way.  It’s a bit of a beast to set up, but the kids are LOVING it so far), the dishwasher overflowed all over the kitchen so we had to clean up that, and my husband finally came home from the meeting at the middle school that I was supposed to attend (but was too tired to).  We ate leftovers for dinner.  Yeah.


And today we do it all over again!  Though with less after school craziness.  So glad today is Wednesday.

Teach a Class

Today’s prompt wants me to teach a class on something I’m great at.  Hmm.  I’m good at many things, but none jump out at me as things you can just babble about on the internet.  If I came to your house, I could show you how to set up your TV & assorted nonsense super fast, but that is so individualized that I can’t just post that here.  But that’s one of the things that I do well: putting things together & making them work.  It’s just something I grok that my parents do not, so I’m in charge of for my extended family.  I’m also great at putting together furniture from a box, as long as I have someone (or some special tool) on hand to do the tightening of the screws.  I’m also good enough with computers that I troubleshoot for family and friends and random strangers in coffeeshops.  I’m decent at scrapbooking and have taught classes on that while I was a Creative Memories consultant.  I’ve also taught classes on “how to be a good volunteer” for a couple different places I’ve volunteered.   The thing of it is that standing up in front of people and talking terrifies me.  Speaking in group situations does, too.  In fact, playgroup is a bit of a stretch for me, as there’s a mom there I don’t know well yet, and I’m less likely to speak up when she’s there.


So this prompt “teach a class” has rattled my brain this morning.  If I had time, I’d teach you something.  Instead I must head out and do some family commitment that won’t wait another minute (people are tapping feet at me right now.)


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