Tui Na

I had a form of Chinese massage today to help with my RA. Oddly enough, my massage therapist doesn’t believe that RA is a real thing. She told me that I had basically dislocated most of my joints and set to work putting them back into place. For the most part, I’m feeling pretty good now. Range of motion in my neck, shoulders, and hips is better than it’s been in years. A few places still aren’t up to snuff. One place actively hurts like h*ll. In any case, I get to spend the next three days in pj’s and eating soup. Then, I go back next week to try to finish up the stuff that wasn’t done today..

Nothing new

Writing is a struggle against silence.

–Carlos Fuentes

Just checking in, keeping up the writing thing, cause that’s part of my ongoing goals this year.  I had a writing retreat with a longtime writing friend/partner in crime this weekend.  We traveled to an undisclosed location and holed up in a tiny studio apartment and wrote, read books on writing, and shared notes on writing related things.  Now we’re trading our WIPs (works in progress- she has one to trade, I’m still trying to get there) for reading and helping along.  🙂  It was a really good weekend.  I’m feeling all refreshed and writerly again.  I organized my writing folder, downloaded the latest version of Scrivener (writing software that my copy of was an old bug-filled beta), and wrote more yesterday.

The downside of all this travel and writing is that I’ve remembered now part of the reason I stopped in the first place: the pain.  Oh the pain.  Wrists, fingers, elbows, shoulders, back.  I’d forgotten how bad it can get.  So now I’m looking into some other ways to get my writing in.  I’ve got a memo program on my iPhone that will translate my words to text; which it’s doing better than I thought it might.  It just doesn’t have a Save function, so then I’ve got to copy and paste by hand.  I’ve just spent thirty minutes with the Speech Recognition software on my computer.  The tutorial made it seem easy, but the actuality is not so easy.  It doesn’t like blogging. 😦  Maybe I’ll just have to copy and paste a lot.  😉

I’ll let you know how it continues to go.

Neurologist appointment

I went in to see a new neurologist today.  I picked up my scans, carried in my paperwork, sat in the crowded office, and surprise, surprise got called back at my appointed time.  Smile

The nurse came in and we chatted about how much we love our rheumatologist (we go to the same one) and what we’re taking to help us with our RA.  Then the doctor came in.  She’s young, pregnant, and very focused.  She spent nearly 45 minutes with me, more time than anyone else ever.  First she told me that my MRI was “stone cold normal.”

She asked loads of good questions about my symptoms, not just when did they start, but how long each specific one lasted, what order they came in, etc.  She asked which drug I was taking when these various things happened.  I’d brought my Giant Notebook of Health,

which made her very happy, and my Bag o’ Drugs (which she’d requested and apparently rarely do people follow that instruction).

She was also glad that I took notes and was open to taking supplements as a course of gentle action in the next few weeks while we do other testing to rule out a couple things. I also have a calendar of symptoms to fill out (I find the chart code hysterical; I got to make it up). The next batch of testing: another CT scan, this time of the blood vessels in my brain, and an Evoked Potential test, which tests the eye/brain connection.  What they’re ruling out I don’t quite know, but she has one big theory and a couple smaller ones to test out.  I’ll see the doctor again in about 2 months, by which time I should have finished the testing, gotten all the results back, and had some time to put data in her calendar chart.